Smile Makeover FAQ

Posted on: May 16, 2018

A smile makeover is one of the best things you can do to improve your appearance. Since a smile is one of the first things that people notice when they meet you, visiting a dentist for this transformative procedure is an excellent idea. Each smile makeover is customized based on the needs of patients so there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Customizing a smile makeover allows our patients to receive the results that are going to make the biggest impact on them. Still, we find that it leads to a lot of questions and confusion regarding what is possible with a makeover. Here is a list of some of the common questions we hear and our answers to them.

Can a smile makeover replace my missing teeth?

Yes. One of the greatest transformations that takes place during a makeover is the ability to replace teeth that have been lost due to an accident or decay. Patients who are missing one or several teeth can replace them using a variety of solutions like dentures, a fixed dental bridge or dental implants.

When possible, we recommend dental implants since they are a secure and durable way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are the only solution that we surgically place and fix to the jawbone. Therefore, an implant will look and behave like a natural tooth.

Can a makeover change the size or shape of my teeth?

Yes. Patients who want to transform their smile often do so because they do not like the size or shape of their teeth. They may be small like a child's or overly large.  In any case, we can change the way they look using a solution like dental veneers or dental bonding.

Can a smile makeover close gaps without using braces?

Yes. We regularly use dental bonding and dental veneers to close small gaps in between teeth. This is a much faster way to solve an aesthetic issue than braces. Granted, there are cases where braces are truly a better option because there are multiple issues to address. If the patient only has a few gaps between the teeth, braces may not be necessary. In some cases, it is better to use cosmetic dentistry instead.

Can you straighten teeth without braces?

Sometimes. It depends on how crooked the tooth is. Often, a dental veneer can help to change the appearance of the tooth enough so that it no longer looks crooked.

Can you make my smile look healthier or younger?

Yes. Sometimes our patients do not like the way their smile looks because they feel like it ages them. This is especially true when teeth become yellow or have stains. Whether the cause is genetic, due to smoking or a result of drinking gallons of coffee does not matter. When the teeth are stained, a person is going to look older. Fortunately, whitening teeth is one of the fastest and easiest things that we do during a makeover.

Does a smile makeover need to be completed at one time or can I break it up into multiple appointments?

This is a great question. How much we can fix in one sitting depends on what the issues are.  We will make recommendations and can begin to create a timeline after we have conducted a thorough examination.

Find out what options will make the greatest impact on your smile

We invite anyone who is tired of the way their smile looks to schedule an appointment with our office. We can discuss a patient's concerns and conduct an examination so that we can make a list of recommended treatment options.

Our approach is thorough and so are our recommendations. This allows our patients to be informed and to actively participate in making decisions regarding how to improve their smile. We invite you to become a patient today and the first step is to call and schedule an appointment.

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