Why Replacing Your Dentures Is A Good Idea

Posted on: January 17, 2017

DenturesWe provide patients with comfortable and natural looking dentures to replace missing teeth. While new technology has given patients additional options like dental implants, many still prefer dentures and they are better than ever. Dentures look more natural than before, fit more comfortably and are a durable solution to a common problem. When visiting our dental office, you can expect to obtain a new pair of dentures that fits well and looks amazing.

There’s no need to live without a full set of teeth

When patients initially lose their teeth and get a set of dentures, they are often unaware that their dentures will probably need to be replaced at some point. Even if a patient receives a high-quality set, there are environmental and biological changes that can require replacement. Very often, dentures must be replaced due to the process of resorption.

After a patient loses a few teeth, the jaw bone will no longer be stimulated by the constant chewing motion of the natural teeth and roots. This signifies to the body that the jaw is no longer performing its main duty of supporting the teeth and therefore is no longer as important as other areas of the body that are performing as they should. The body is designed to maximize resources so, in this situation, the jaw will leech calcium from the jawbone to be used elsewhere. This creates a situation where your jaw will literally be shrinking in size. Since dentures are designed to fit snugly around the gums, a change in the jaw shape or size will cause them to no longer fit comfortably or securely. This creates the need to either realign them or replace them. We can help.

Visit us for a perfect fit

Upon visiting our office, we will examine the dentures, see how everything fits, watch one speak and bite down, before determining what the issue is. If the resorption has been minor, we may only need a few tweaks to one’s existing dentures. However, in most cases, if the dentures are severely loose or uncomfortable, it is because they need to be replaced entirely.

We can measure the available space in the mouth, take images of the gums and go over options for a new set of dentures. Given the many technological advancements such as the creation of flexible dentures, there is a good chance that a patient will actually prefer the new dentures better than his or her current ones. Further, we have the ability to tweak the appearance of the dentures to ensure that the false teeth are the right size, shape, and dimensions to match the patient’s natural facial structure.

These dentures will provide the patient with greater confidence to smile more frequently and just enjoy life, free from worries about the teeth. A secure set of dentures makes it possible to do this because the patient will no longer be worrying about the dentures slipping out of place when eating or speaking. If you want further stability, we can also discuss dental implants or secure your dentures in place using implant technology. Let us know what your thoughts and concerns are so that we can assist you.

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