Aspects of a Smile Makeover in Washington

Posted on: October 16, 2017

Smile MakeoverIf you are looking for a smile makeover in Washington, call our clinic to discuss your options. A smile makeover is an incredible solution that is available to anyone who does not like the appearance of their smile or who has suffered extensive dental damage. Modern technology has significantly improved that it is possible for patients to completely restore their teeth to improve the health of their gums and to gain a smile that they are proud to show off.

People do not need to keep the smile they were born with and can enhance their smile as they see fit. The only confinement is to the expansiveness of the possibilities. What this means is that we have multiple solutions available and it is up to a patient to choose.

Aspects of a smile makeover

When patients visit our clinic wanting a smile makeover in Washington, we are going to conduct a complete examination and take X-rays. This examination is necessary for determining the health and physical condition of the teeth, gums and jaw.

First, it is necessary to address any health challenges that a patient is facing. Improving the aesthetics of a person’s smile without addressing underlying health issues is a mistake. Sooner or later, health problems will manifest themselves and cause damage to any improvements. It is far better to simply tackle these challenges head-on. Therefore, if there are any cavities, infections or signs of gum disease, we will initially treat those before moving forward.

Next, we will address any aesthetic issues that a patient is having. One of the first things we will suggest is whitening teeth. This is a way to make a dramatic impact on the appearance of a person’s smile. We will also repair damaged teeth so that there are no cracks and chips, replace teeth that are missing and ensure that teeth are properly aligned. This can involve closing gaps, using aligners to straighten teeth and to apply dental bonding material when necessary to change the shape or size of the teeth.


Each smile makeover in Washington must be customized for an individual patient’s needs. As such, what we recommend for one patient may not be part of the treatment process for another. Knowing that it is best to schedule a consultation so that we can make specific recommendations for your situation. In the meantime, it helps to know about some of the solutions we use to improve a patient smile. They may include:

Dental crowns

These are caps that surround the teeth and are ideal for those that are damaged or have missing enamel.


Placed on the surface of teeth, veneers can close gaps, cover stains and change the shape or size of teeth.

Inlays and onlays

Offering more coverage than a filling but less than a crown, inlays and onlays are possible dental restorations.

Dental bonding

Able to cover stains, close small gaps, change the shape of teeth and fix some damage, dental bonding is a same-day restoration.

Teeth whitening

Removing stains is typically an important part of this process.

Bridges, dental implants and dentures

These are all ways to replace missing teeth.

Call today

To learn more about what solutions may be used to improve your smile and to begin your smile makeover, call our clinic and schedule an appointment. We will be happy to explain your options in detail and discuss next steps.

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